Alertness Measurement and Prediction

The objective of this program of research is to

  • Develop and verify tools to measure current alertness levels accurately,
  • Predict the risk of future critical lapses and
  • Intervene before poor alertness impairs productivity and safety.

Monitoring in workplace settings using validated technologies and biomarkers will permit individualized alertness assessment and use of targeted countermeasures.

Theme 1.1 ‐ Real‐time Biomarkers and Other Measures of Alertness

Biomarkers are biological characteristics that can be objectively measured to provide information on changes in alertness and therefore risk of alertness failure. The objective of this project theme is the identification of novel real‐time biomarkers and other alertness measures to assess the risk of poor alertness.

Theme 1.2 ‐ Biomedical Technologies for Sleep and Alertness Management

Based on both the integration of existing technologies and the development of new technologies the objective is to develop novel tools for measuring and predicting alertness and related issues such as performance, sleepiness, fatigue, as well as personal sleep monitors.   

The first step in development of new devices is to have a comprehensive understanding of the current state-of-the-art and the CRC is assessing both existing and emerging technologies for detecting and predicting alertness.