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Call for applications - University of Sydney

The University of Sydney and the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has PhD or Master’s positions available to support Alertness CRC projects which will examine ways of improving diagnosis and treatment for insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Applicants need to meet the University of Sydney’s PhD entry requirements. 

Click here for more information and how to apply.

Full and top up scholarships - express your interest

The Alertness CRC offers full APA equivalent scholarships and $5,000 top-up scholarships in the following areas.

  • Laboratory-based development of systems and biomarkers to assess circadian, sleep and alertness states
  • Assessing individual vulnerability to shift work and integrated interventions for alertness management in a healthcare setting
  • Respiratory phenotyping and vulnerability to alertness failure in sleep disorders.

To express interest, please email your CV, a cover letter outlining your research interests and skills and a copy of your academic transcript to the relevant Project Leader:

Laboratory Biomarkers Project - Dr Suzanne Ftouni at

Healthcare Project – Dr Tracey Sletten at

Sleep Disorder Phenotyping Project – for Adelaide based projects: Dr Andrew Vakulin:

Sleep Disorder Phenotyping Project – for Melbourne based projects: Dr. Bradley Edwards:

Sleep Disorder Phenotyping Project – for Sydney based projects: Dr Christopher Miller:

Training available for PhD and Post Graduate scholars

The CRC Programme has as its objectives not only the development and commercialisation of leading-edge research but also the production of graduates with hands-on industry experience to help create a highly-skilled workforce.

The Alertness CRC provides support and training for the post graduate scholars and early career researchers engaged in its projects. Professional development training developed for Masters' and PhD students and early career researchers is also available at our three participating universities. 

To learn more click on the relevant link:

University of Sydney Higher Degree by Research Career Development

Flinders University Professional Development Program

Monash University Professional Development