New partnership between the Alertness CRC and NTC designed to examine heavy vehicle driver fatigue

Alertness CRC officially launched January 2014

Helping Australia wake up to causes of a $36bn bad sleep bill

Scientists to solve insomnia mystery

High Tech Car Helps Solve Fatigue Crash Puzzle 

Heavy vehicle driver fatigue data - final report released


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How Businesses Can Take the Lead in Getting People to Sleep More - Thrive Global, December 2016

Australian study to help dentists individualize OSA therapy - Dental Sleep Review Mag, August 2016

Watch SBS Insight Sleep Program SBS Insight, 10 May 2016

New study to focus on behaviours predicting fatigue accidents among shift workers - OHS News, 24 March 2016

'Seeing' vehicle could help tired shiftworkers get home safely - Huffington Post, Australia 18 March 2016

Woolcock Institute Insomnia Research on Channel 7, February 2016

Flinders University Sleep Disorders Research on Channel 9, Adelaide, January 2016

Shiftwork, Dr Shantha RajaratnamMonash University on A Current Affair, May 2015


The biological effects of light, Dr Steven W. Lockley, The Illuminators Series, Lighting Science Group

Driver Drowsiness - Clinical Assessment and the Law, ASA Webinar Series, Dr Mark Howard, Institute for Breathing and Sleep (IBAS); Alertness CRC Theme Leader (nb ASA members can view the whole recording)


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