Opportunities for collaboration

The CRC is keen to establish ‘research translation partnerships’ with industry collaborators.  This will facilitate the development of customised research projects that deliver tangible safety and productivity improvements.

The data collection capabilities of the Alertness CRC and access it gives to new systems and tools provide opportunities for cost effective and targeted research for specific operational settings (e.g., mining, road transport, aviation, rail, maritime, etc). 

Alertness, safety and productivity are negatively influenced by sleep loss, sleep disruption and shift work because of widespread effects on brain function and performance.

Poor alertness has been shown to impair reaction time, decision making, information processing and the ability to maintain attention. This impairment leads to sub-optimal performance, preventable errors, accidents and injuries; particularly in high-risk environments, such as the mining and healthcare sectors.

The key goal of Alertness CRC research and development activities is to provide outputs that are operationally relevant to the real-world. Collaboration with external organisations provides an ideal platform to develop alertness management and sleep health solutions tailored to specific applications.

With key CRC platform projects now getting underway, there is already extensive capability within the consortium to initiate collaborative projects with industry partners.

For more information or to discuss collaboration opportunities contact

Dr Andrew Tucker
General Manager Research Translation Partnerships
Alertness CRC Ltd

Direct Line: +61 3 9905 0864

Email: atucker@alertnesscrc.com

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