There are three major research programs

Specific themes within each program provide the framework for the research, development, testing and marketing of individual products.

Each theme is co-led by one end-user and one academic partner. This ensures high quality market-focused research and development.

Cross-fertilisation among themes is facilitated by having individual CRC members participate in multiple projects.

Alertness CRC research is focussing on developing new tools and systems that will result in:

  • Financial savings for the community from reduced road accidents and reduced workplace accidents
  • Roadside test and workplace fitness-for-duty monitoring technology for commercialisation by Australian SME's
  • Clinical tools and database systems that the wider sleep treatment and sleep research sector will utilise
  • Health system savings and productivity gains from fewer workplace accidents due to better scheduling
  • Savings in industry from fewer workplace accidents or errors due to improved lighting
  • New scheduling solutions for Australian enterprises to commercialise.