Safety and Productivity Improvements

This research program is developing, testing and validating new tools and approaches to improve alertness.

Systems and devices shown to improve alertness will have widespread applications, particularly in safety‐critical occupations such as healthcare and mining.

Theme 2.1 ‐ Dynamic Scheduling Systems

This project is critical to achieving the two key outputs under this theme:

  • A prototype of a work/duty scheduling software system and scheduling guidelines
  • A prototype of an individual-level scheduling system suitable for safety-critical occupational groups.

Theme 2.2 ‐ Smart Lighting Solutions

Light allows us to see but also has a number of ‘non‐visual’ physiological effects including resetting our body clock and directly activating the brain to improve alertness and performance.  Light thus has enormous potential as a safe, non‐pharmacological countermeasure for improving alertness.

This theme tests the effectiveness of lighting countermeasures in a range of occupational and other settings.  The objective is to develop ‘smart’ lighting systems that use combinations of light wavelength, intensity, timing and pattern to optimise the alerting and body clock‐resetting effects of light.