Theme Leader profiles

"Sleep is a basic requisite for every individual and every animal, and yet we know so little about its function (or more appropriately its functions!), says
Dr Clare Anderson, Alertness CRC Theme Leader.  

"As sleep and circadian timing is linked to so many aspects of health, well-being and cognitive function it’s difficult not to be intrigued and fascinated by it."

Theme Leader profile - Clare Anderson, April 2015



Dr Mark Howard and his team are looking at interventions to improve sleep health in healthcare workers and also, the use of alertness monitoring technology in occupational settings.

"Do what you are passionate about", is his advice to young researchers.

Theme Leader profile - Mark Howard, July 2015


"I’ve always enjoyed research.  The idea that you are in area of discovery, that you might discover things that will benefit people’s health.  I also like mentoring young people as they develop their potential and they develop their own careers.",  Professor Doug McEvoy and his team are focussed on better understanding types of insomnia and sleep apnea. 

Theme Leader profile - Doug McEvoy, November 2015